QUI FILMS  l  Reeling You 


Visual presence is key.  Increase your visual capacity.


QUI FILMS is a proud sponsor of the PLUGGED IN Concert event and was honored to film all 9 of the bands, in backstage interviews and LIVE in Concert! 


Film footage is an excellent  way to market yourelf and/or  your product. 5-4-3-2-1! Make it REEL! QuiFilms.com


When the Youth Advisory Council's Debbie Rubenstrunk requested Qui Films to film the event and produce a website visual to showcase it in, we were thrilled to accept the charge.


How can we be of service to you in building your brand? STAND OUT to be noticed. We've got your back: QuiFilms@gmail.com   Visit our web services page: QuiVision


PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILM TROUPE is a crew of exceptional teen filmmakers from the


Chandler/Mesa/QueenCreek/Gilbert/Phoenix metroplex 


We write, produce, direct and shoot our own films for Film Festival submissions. How reel is your film aspiration? AUDITIONS are soon approaching, please visit:  3Quis.org for more info. It's  A REEL TEEN THING!!!


Marketing YOUR SKILL. You can talk about your product all day, but until people SEE it in motion, your talking points could result in something that resembles a game of charades.


Don't resort to a game of charades when you're trying to do business. MAKE IT REEL. Take ACTION! GO VISUAL.

Visit QuiFilms.com and Contact a prodcuer today at  QuiFilms@gmail.com