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"If there's a stage on dock -

this crew is down to rock!"

 Qui Entertainment Magazine


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Plugged In - Performance l


Plugged In Headstrum - Band Interview 

Plugged In - Performance ll

2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir

2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir

2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir

2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir


Band Members are 

Alex Hedstrom: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Tyler Hedstrom: Drums
Bryan Nichols: Guitar
Chad Ralph Jr. : Bass
Adam Lamb: Keyboard/Vocals

Rock out in a HEADSTRUM hue

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Who the ROCK Are WE?


Headstrum is a Rock/Alternative Band who puts on a show and puts it on nice and tight! When we play live, we just want to rock out and party with the crowd! HeadStrum is made up of 5 members. Alex Hedstrom is the Singer and Guitar player From Mesa, Arizona. Tyler Hedstrom is the Drummer from Portland, Oregon. Adam Lamb is HeadStrum's Keyboard player and secondary vocalist from, Chicogo, illinois. Chad Ralph Jr. plays the Bass Guitar and he is from Queen Creek, Arizona. Last but not least, HeadStrum's Lead Guitar player from Mesa, Arizona, Bryan Nichols. We are an Unsigned Band right now and we are working our way up to the top. We know we are more than capable than reaching it. We eat, drink, sleep, and bleed HeadStrum. We want every single lyric to scream in your ears, we want every note to punch you in the face and every drum to hit you down in the bottom of your gut! We want to Rock!!!!!



Rock/Alternative, Unsigned Band. We put on a show!


Band Interests

Playing live!


Artists We Also Like

Bruce Spingsteen, Cage the Elephant, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Pixies, Sleeper Agant, Weezer, Young the Giant, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Van Halen, AC/DC