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You can't deny the chi - this band is pure fire.

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Plugged Iin Central Divides - Band Interview 

Tune in and Rock Out!!!

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2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir

2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir


2014 Memoir
2014 Memoir


The year of 2014 has been kind. Take a trip with us down "PIC REWIND." -- Click on any picture to experience it in full resolution. 

Band Members are:


Aaron Smith - Drums
Armando Alvarez - Lead Guitar/ Vocalist
Isaac Murphy - Rhythm Guitar
James Murray - Bass/ Vocalist
Reno Meringer - Lead Vocalist

Connect with us online::

We are a band from Phoenix, Arizona that speaks through our hearts, rather than our minds. Enjoy our music on Soundcloud and feel free to contact us.




Central Divides is a "pop-punk" band, originally formed in 2010. With their roots in the Phoenix area, the group got its name by thinking how Central Avenue joins the streets and avenues, similar to how the band brings fans of all ages together. Each member contributes their own creative touch to develop the CD sound.


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